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Asset Integrity


Asset Integrity

Spinnaker has engineers qualified with the ISO 55000 Asset Management Standard to understand the very needs asset owners have for the infrastructure they manage.

We are Asset integrity specialists providing detailed inspections with our UAV and Sub-surface Inspection Division – Stratos Engineering Inspections. To know more about our UAV and Sub-surface inspection services please click on this link. Stratos is CASA licensed to conduct commercial flight operations planning complete Inspection Plans for any size or type of infrastructure asset.

Spinnaker works seamlessly with Stratos to acquire the inspection data and provide detailed engineering analysis of the data so that the inspection reports provide real value to clients regarding the assets inspected. We also prepare scope of work post inspection for the work to be rectified.

We carry Insurance for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability.


We helped deliver Coopers Gap Wind Farm QLD, with 123 Wind Turbine Generators with 453MW of power generation.  Wind Farms are one of our specialities with extensive experience in Electrical regulatory compliance requirements in Queensland.  

We assist our clients with complete project solutions that will meet all of the lawful requirements in the state of Queensland.  Particularly compliance with the Electrical Safety Act QLD and Electrical Safety Regulations QLD.  

We provide all manner of High Voltage and Electrical Engineering requirements including detailed electrical engineering studies for Load Flow, Fault Level, Arc Flash, Protection and Coordination, Harmonics and Earthing.

Spinnaker are one of Australia’s foremost hazardous area and high voltage electrical engineering consultancies.  Our expertise regularly sees us working internationally providing assistance with High Voltage design including High Voltage Studies, Electrical Design, Hazardous Area Classification, and Design, Compliance Management and Inspection.  

Spinnaker has RPEQ Engineers that perform designs to the requirements under the Professional Engineers Act Queensland.

Spinnaker has an Accredited High Voltage and Hazardous Area Auditor for Queensland under the Electrical Safety Act and Regulations.

UAV and Sub-surface Inspections

Our UAV Division – Stratos Engineering Inspections – provides asset inspections for Wind Turbine Generators and Blades, Electrical High Voltage Over Head-line and Electrical High Voltage Sub-stations using high resolution optical imaging technology, Thermographic imagining and LiDAR imaging for the generation of 3D models of as-built assets.

The UAV’s we use for asset interrogation and data acquisition have the following features:

Hi-Resolution Thermography Videos and Photography – Multiple Thermographic detection spectrums and settings for even greater asset interrogation.

Ultra High Resolution 4k/6k/8k Optical Photography

LiDAR360 is a comprehensive point cloud post-processing software that includes a variety of toolsets to efficiently visualise, manipulate and generate meaningful geospatial products from point cloud data.  We develop 3D as-built models from existing infrastructure using LiDAR technology.

  • auto-collision avoidance for asset protection
  • auto flight path planning
  • quiet operation
Our underwater inspection vehicles are equipped with high resolution optical cameras so all the details of underwater structures and equipment conditions are captured.  Our Sub-Surface Vehicles (SSVs) are equipment with complete 360 degree manoeuvrability to make sure all angles are possible when performing sub-surface inspections.  The maximum depth for inspections is 100 metres.  our SSV’s are equipped with high intensity underwater lighting so even in low light conditions, good quality optical images are possible.

We are CASA licensed as commercial operators of Remote Piloted Aircraft in Australia.  We apply the correct engineering skill set and experience to the asset being inspected.

We prepare the inspection plan and protocols for client approval prior to any project.  This ensures that the inspection process meets the asset owners technical specifications and requirements.

We provide post data acquisition engineering and audit reports for the results of inspections including scopes of work to rectify the defects discovered during the inspection phase.

We have the engineering knowledge to work seamlessly with our asset integrity inspections.

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Why Use Us?


One stop asset integrity inspection and engineering company – no need to engage multiple companies to achieve asset inspections and reporting


Prevention of critical failure events for plant and equipment – Become situationally aware of developing failure events in critical assets preventing unplanned outages and breakdowns 


Removal of people from hazardous inspection activities.  Such as any elevated equipment inspections or subsurface inspections, our remote piloted systems ensure safety driven results.


Our combined engineering and inspection solutions means greater efficiency in your business operations.

About Us

Spinnaker has grown steadily since its beginnings in 2012.  Spinnaker has continually developed our capabilities in order to do more for our customers, and our investments in our people, technologies and engineering know-how have seen the group expand into our specialist areas of Asset Integrity, Engineering and Inspection Services.

We believe in innovation and this is why we have developed a new division called Stratos that is specialising in UAV and Sub-surface Asset Inspections using cutting edge technology for the early detection of defects and faults in critical infrastructure.

Our people are at the core of what we do and who we are as company.  Our real strength is in the diverse knowledge and expertise of the engineering teams who deliver for our customers.  Give us a call to discuss your needs and we’ll make sure we get the right people working of your projects.

Evan Lambkin

Managing Director

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